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    Carrawssa aloe vera

    Price:  $108.00

    California produces certified organic aloe vera Does not contain preservatives Does not contain mineral oil Contains no artificial colouring Excluding diphenyl ketone Containing 99% of California COOF certified organic aloe essence green Transparent of aloe vera gel is suitable for the face, arms, legs, hair, etc. Contains aloe vera leaf extract has sedative repair deep hydrating effect Relaxed sense of use and rapid absorption not greasy skin refreshing and moist Aloe vera leaf extract Moisturizing hydrating + composure to repair Aloe essence contains vitamin C, vitamin E and other ingredients to moisturize the skin Can achieve a large number of provide moisture to the skin moisturizing effect Sensitive skin calm repair effect after sun Fresh aloe gel composition not greasy skin refreshing and moist Powerful moisturizing effect Aloe vera gel (99% purity) Rough, dry skin becomes smooth and moist Give a rough skin hydrated Powerful hydrating strengthen protect wet Repair sensitive skin allergic - green tea extract - decomposition of harmful substances to the skin To prevent harmful material harm to strengthen water lock function - green tea in the tea son convergence of grain composition has a calming effect and make the skin more healthy Aloe gel To strengthen the immunity - to restore damaged under ultraviolet light become sensitive skin - calm effect - burns irritating skin, prone to redness, sensitive skin can have composed effect - water Is not affected by the weather and balanced to provide moisture to skin water lock effect

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